Saturday, April 26, 2014

Weekend recap

It's warming up here quickly! Friday we had a early play date with one of our besties. We got to try out a new splash pad, and we scored being the only ones there. Only both mamas felt extremely silly not being able to figure out how to turn on the water for almost 2 hours. Haha yep!! Come to find out the care takers of the yard didn't even know how and had to make a call. Well once we all figured it out, and felt stupid, we had a blast! 

Kailer LOVED the water!! The girls had fun too but they needed a little push to get in. Quinn sure was excited just didn't want to touch it. We will work on that. 

After lots of snacking and play we headed home and the littles both crashed! I guess all they needed was 3 hours running around in the sun. 

Saturday was a very chill day! Slept in, watched shows, and then napped before making out to Trader Joes for some shopping. 
I think it was the gloomy weather we had.

Both kidos loved the carts but Kai was too quick for a shot. 
We returned home for some impromptu yard work. 

And then some backyard play where I snuck some cuddles from little miss while brother ran off some energy. 

Sunday we went out to watch our favorite Riley run in her first 5k. 
Her dad ran with her as her run buddy! 

And the little babes made a sign for her at one of the booths they had set up.

It was so fun to see this girl cross the finish line!! Way to go Riley!! 

Hope everyone had a fun weekend and Monday treated you well! 



  1. There's just something too cute about little toddler girls in swimsuits. I have a feeling I'm going to go crazy on them next summer when baby girl can walk!

  2. That first picture! <3 so cute! I am so ready for swimming weather over here!

  3. I am so jealous of your weather. Its getting warmer but not warm enough to go to the pool or anything, lucky! ;) Looks like a great weekend!! And its always a good day when trader joes is involved!