Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorial Day Staycation

Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day Weekend!
Super grateful for the freedoms we have thanks to those who paid the ultimate sacrifice. 
We used our extra time with Daddy and carried on our tradition of a fun staycation to kick off summer. 
This year we stayed in Phoenix at the Pointe Hilton Squaw Peak
We mostly hang by the pool but its super fun to be in a different area and enjoy some food we don't have on the East Valley. 
The kids were little fishes from sun up to sun down. Still need to work on them both learning to swim but thanks to floaties and the kiddie pool, mommy and daddy got some sunshine and drinks to relax. 
Also black out curtains in hotels are heaven and we all zonked each day with some epic naps. 
The kids always get a kick out of being in a hotel and beg to never leave. Id say this tradition is going to have to be carried out year to year, trying out a different hotel each time. 

Heres to the freedom to celebrate, enjoy our time off, and to summer starting!!


Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Spring Recital

Little miss completed her first year of dance- jazz/tap/tumbling.
She's come such a long way since she started, still slightly clingy, but she has opened up so much and made some awesome friends. Mostly so excited about how much she loves this dance thing. She looks forward to each week and I love my coffee date with her before hand. 
Her Spring recital was themed "Mermaid Party" her class had a dance to Little Mermaids "Under the Sea" thankfully I think that helped her love it so much. She got up there and did her thing and my proud mama heart beamed. Not because she was the best one, the one who remembered it all, smiled the biggest, but because she was brave and actually tried. Most days at dance class she would refuse to try her dance and wasn't that into it. We used this recital as a trial on if we would continue dance or not. She surprised us all and we couldn't have been happier. She came off stage so excited and still keeps asking when her next recital is. Im officially a dance mom I guess. 

Disclosure- Tattoos in her recital pics were unintentional. Daddy took her and I freaked when he reminded me of them. Well I think it just adds to the character of the photo and we now have something hilarious to talk about years to come.  


Monday, May 23, 2016

Kindergarten Grad

Class of 2028

Holy crap I officially have a 1st grader!!!
This year flew by sooooo fast and I am now more than ever wishing for time to slow down, maybe even pause just a bit. Life has gotten crazier and harder with this new school age adventure, yet it's the best! Seeing this guy learn and grow so much this last year has me so excited for him and the years ahead. His little sis looks up to him so much and is dying to be in kinder like he was, I'm sure next year it will be all about the first grade ride! 

Kai in Kinder-

- When I grow up I want to be: an Astronaut 

- Favorite color: Red

- Favorite food: Spaghetti 

- Best friend: Grady

- Favorite subject: Science

- Favorite book: anything Star Wars 

So excited to have him home more and no real schedules to keep. With this new season of life we are hoping to start some new traditions with our summer breaks. on the list so far- 

-End of school summer kick off- this we did the last day of school with our neighborhood friends.
- Summer movie program
- Visit Library more and participate in the summer reading program. 
- Annual staycation 

Hoping to come up with more ideas soon.

What are some summer traditions your family has?


Sunday, May 15, 2016

Sunday Splash

Summer is here to stay in AZ! We reached 100 degrees this past week and we are officially in hibernation mode. I joke, but really. Being outside requires some sort of water activity. The hubs blew up our little pool and we splashed our hearts out. Thinking this will be our regular day hangs this summer. We will add in some splash pads, community pools, movies with air conditioning, and ill be adding a misting/cooling spray to my purse. 
This place is HOT but for some reason each year I grow to love it more and more.

Heres to scorching temps and sweating in places you never knew possible.


Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Time with "Mamas Boy"

ToLittleArrows Hat

"There is a boy who stole my heart, he calls me mom" or mama. 
Being a mama to more than one kid pushes you to be great at multi-tasking, a juggler. It makes those precious one on one times fewer BUT all the more special. This little mans love tank gets filled so much when he gets time focused just on him. Our undivided attention. 
Im trying to be better about setting that time for just him aside more often. Little sis has gotten a lot of it with big brother in school now. So when he gets a short day at school, we play! 
Time as a whole family is beautiful and so fun, but something about getting one kid alone. Chatting and seeing their little personality shine.  Its too good not to put dating your kid as a priority. 
Heres to more mama/son dates. 

What are some of your favorite mother/son date ideas?


Monday, April 18, 2016

Weekend Recap

Weekends are THE best! Especially when they are spent just like this last weekend!
Friday was girls day with my mini me! We met up with some friends for a play date, shopping, and lunch! 

That night I was lucky enough to have a GNO with friends!
We got to attend the Eat Drink & Be Pretty event put on by Scottsdale League of the Arts. 
Runway shows, food tastings from the valleys top restaurants (way good food), drinks and live music. So much fun was had, especially since I don't get to dress up often!

My dress was from Evereve, a new store I found at our mall!
Geared towards moms, started by a mom, and designed to make shopping easier with kids! Win Win!

Saturday we had a really good family day filled with food and a new movie!
I was worried how little miss would do at a live action movie, but she loved it. 
A few scary and loud parts for her but she couldn't stop talking about it. I think its time we have them watch the cartoon (parent fail). 

 Sunday we did none other than a Target trip for necessities for the week ahead, and we HAD to grab a new blow up pool! This weather has been way too good lately and hoping the blazzin heat holds off for just a little while longer. 

We snapped our whole weekend over on SnapChat - britpapke

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Doing It Alone

For just about two weeks the kids and I have been going solo, daddy has been gone for training. Basically above is how I feel and have felt the entire time. You take for granted all the help your spouse contributes until you don't have the help. Sure makes me miss the heck out of that guy!
He returns home tonight and I know I cant wait for the kids to jump into his arms and for me to get some alone time. 

We tried our best to keep busy while he was gone because we all just tend to do better that way, and time goes by a lot quicker for us too. We enjoyed a lot of time outside since this AZ weather has been pretty darn amazing lately. Got a lot of wiggles out too which helped facilitate nap times and earlier/easier bedtimes. Not to mention a bunch of Facetime calls with our favorite guy.  
We hate when he has to leave and know the next time will come all too quick but appreciate what the time apart teaches us. 

How do you all deal with your spouse being gone?
What helps you and the kids get through it easier?