Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Nuby Review: Busy Sipper 2 Stage Cup

Little mans new favorite cup to use!! 
This 2 stage cup has won his heart over simply because of the "cool" features.
Mind you he's four (almost 5 ahhh) so simply just being a cup isn't enough. 

This cup comes with 2 interchangeable tops-
- a soft no spill spout
- free flow pop up sipper

We obviously use the second stage. 
He loves the belt clip, cause lets just face it who doesn't want there cup hanging off there pants. At four years old anything that makes him feel like a power ranger or police man is a plus in his book. 
Seeing how he chooses this cup most often, on school days my mommy heart is happy he has the hygienic travel cover so germs aren't mingling.

Check out those Spiderman fingers there people- told you he felt cool with it. 

Available at Walmart

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  1. My 15 month old always gravitates towards this one too! I love the designs!