Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Our Day In Photos

A stay home Wednesday for us! High five!! 
We never really do a ton on my days off but enjoy time together. Daddy had to work, but like most days we stay home, he treats us to some Starbucks before heading off!! 
We lounged around and attempted some awesome OOTD photos with our matching Hello Apparel shirts. 
Didn't go so hot as you can see.

All shirts are found here.

Someone is always looking away, a grouchy pants, or hair out of place.
Heck its life, these are our real life photos.

We got to do a quick play date with friends and an early lunch at Chickfila, all before heading home for much needed naps.
We are early risers in this house (not by my own choice mind you) hence early lunch, early naps.
After nap we had some silly play and then our always favorite Target trip. Drinks in hand!

Then dinner off of food trucks at the Agritopia Farmers Market! Live music = dance party. 

Check out that girls moves!!

The next week will be a little chaotic over here... Packing and moving and unpacking. All in 105 degree weather and with two littles. Prayers and positive vibes are welcomed. 
Hope everyone is having a great week, two days til the weekend!!! 



  1. Love the little matching shirts! And I'd send you some of our polar vortex temps to help if I could!

  2. Good luck on moving day! And you totally have me wanting chickfila now.