Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Halloween 2014

So my dream of dressing up as a family was an epic fail this year! Here's to next year and me planning ahead! 

At work our theme was 50's! Most people did poodle skirts and the leather jacket greasers. I think I did pretty good pulling stuff from my closet!

Quinn was supposed to be a kitty and we all know how toddlers can be sometimes. She had other plans and wanted her Doc Mcstuffins pajamas. I wasn't about to let that happen on Halloween so we went and splurged on another costume! The actual Doc one! Isn't see the cutest? Big brother was a Super Megaforce red Power Ranger (isn't that a mouth full). 

I leave you with THE best hissy fit caught in action! All because his sister didn't hold his hand! 

Hope everyone had a great holiday! I'm already planning a better outcome for next year! 



  1. Her Doc Mcstuffins costume is adorable, and so is that power ranger!

  2. Your family is the sweetest.