Friday, January 23, 2015

The Unknown

Last year brought a shock to our little family. What we had for many years counted and depended on was no longer there. We stepped into the new year with a lot of uncertainty. Like most wives and mamas I have a running list of things that need to get done or cleaned or picked up. Many times the list is filled with house projects we would like to do and activities Id like to do with the kids. Recently its been filled with what ifs and whens and how are we going to's. 
Dreams and goals that we have together and the responsibilities we have sometimes collide. Sometimes I try to plan too much and worry too much Im sure, its nature of being a mom I guess. Lately Ive felt exhausted from so much thinking and wondering. Ive promised myself I was going to take things day by day and just glance at the week. Ill admit Im not the best at that. I feel like there are so many unknowns and different roads that we could potentially be heading down this year. No answers yet, sitting in the dark, the unknown. It haunts you. Sometimes I just want to scream TELL ME!! I just want to know! 
Change is coming, change is good, right!? 
Heres to knowing everything and I mean everything happens for a reason and soon we will know our reason!!



  1. I hope everything is okay! And I know exactly how you feel. I'm a chronic worrier and it takes a ton of willpower to constantly direct your mind in a positive direction every moment of every day. Hang in there! Good things are coming! :)