Friday, March 27, 2015

Moving On Up

It's official! Little man is registered for Kindergarten! I'm not quit sure how I feel about it just yet. I'm freaking out a little, bits of excitement, scared, and sad. I mean look at that face! 

You see we were all set on holding him back and doing a second year of preschool. Pretty much the only reason was his birthdate. Beginning of July, he will be a young 5yr old in kinder with most kids 8-10 mo older than him. He's also our LITTLE man for a reason. Been a tiny guy since birth. Even though his preschool told us and we knew he was ready it was a no brainer and non discussion that he was going to be held back. 
Fast forward to now a few months later. Hubby kept bringing up how ready our guy was and the thought stuck. Our family is in a huge transition period with hubby's job and kids daycare/ school, we thought since he's ready, he meets cut off, let's do it! What sealed the deal was our neighborhood school just switched from free 1/2 day kinder to free all day, a definite pro to the list. 
I don't want to hold him back from growing and blooming because of my own worries and sadness about the topic. This little boy made me a mama, he taught me so much about myself, mostly how to be selfless. I look forward to seeing him shine, flourish, excel, succeed, grow... All I know he will do well in this new adventure!
I love this little almost Kindergartener, let the countdown begin! 


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  1. yay!! so excited for him, I am sure he will do wonderful! I absolutely love your blog makeover!