Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter Weekend

First I hope everyone had the best weekend!
Our Sunday started with Bunny Butts for breakfast! We ll lets just say thats never happening again!
This mama has tried many a time to make cute little meals and not a one has either kid eaten them. This one they just ate the strawberries and stirred the yogurt with a bunny foot!

Every holiday is 100 times better with kids!! I cant imagine what I would be doing without them!
Little miss went straight for the shoes and in true boy fashion little man dumped out the whole basket.

The bunny hid a bunch of eggs in the yard and even snuck into the garden for a favorite treat of his own! Watching these kidos chase down for those candy filled eggs was too fun!

We ended the day at my sisters for a late lunch and some more egg hunting, only these eggs were hard boiled... lets just say we were not easy on them. 




  1. Look at you and your fancy pants pancakes! :)

  2. All looks so great! Beautiful photos!