Sunday, May 10, 2015

Birthday and Mothers Day

Having my birthday so close to Mothers Day makes for a pretty awesome weekend!
This year I turned 31 ahhhh
On my actual birthday I had the day off with both kidos and my BFF, so naturally that meant lunch and playtime.

When daddy got home from work we headed out to Food Truck Friday. This lady was super excited to try some yummy food, one truck even had doughnuts!!
Little miss has had a runny nose and slight cough for a few days and some how RIGHT as we walked up to the trucks she coughed so hard she threw up ALL over herself and Daddy!
Needless to say we beat feet out of there and snagged drive threw. 
Life and mommy hood is not always perfect but it sure is a fun ride.

Saturday we laid low and had friends over for a taco bar and drinks.
While the guys watched what they thought was a hilarious movie, we snuck away for selfies. 
I think we had more fun!

Mothers Day called for sleeping in and breakfast in bed. 
I say my little family did pretty good!
Look at that bacon!!!
Daddy taught Kai how to give a foot massage and tickles and we headed to the park with cousins and aunty and uncle!

I know the hubs despises that my birthday and Mothers Day are so close but he did a really good job making me feel special this weekend!
I hope everyone had fun celebrating the mothers in their lives!

"There is no way to be a perfect mother... but a million ways to be a good one."


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  1. happy belated birthday and happy belated mothers day!