Monday, February 1, 2016

Valentine's Wreath

Who doesn't love crafts and crafts with girlfriends?
We were trying to switch up the typical drinks and dinner girls night and we decided since Valentines Day was coming up lets craft!
Searching Pinterest we found a few we each liked and thought this one would be easy enough.
Lets just say there needs to be a comments section for those who have tried the pins and want to give feed back. Easy enough craft, cheap, but took FOREVER! So beware when attempting and planning a girls night. Either plan about four hours or to take home an unfinished product. 
Anyway onto the craft.

Items needed:
Foam wreath form
scrapbook paper
hot glue (or other strong hold glue)

Step 1- wrap your form in yarn (this was the time consuming part)

Step 2- Glue two separate pieces of yarn across the center

Step 3- Cut out heart shapes and make pinwheels.
Below I showed how we constructed our pinwheels (took the easy way out and stapled them together)

Step 4- Hot glue the hearts across the yarn and the pinwheels on the front of the form.

With the colors we chose this wreath can last into Spring.
So go grab some girlfriends and a bunch of snacks/drinks and get to wrapping.


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