Friday, March 7, 2014

little man

This little guy doesn't get the spot light very much lately! Thanks to his very needy and wild little sissy. I am so grateful he has the best daddy that can play power rangers, wrestle, and teach him the good things in life! This mama is not the best at getting on the ground and "playing boy". 

I wanted to record some of the silly things he's been saying lately- he likes to talk! LOL

- When referring to yesterday, today, or tomorrow he says "next week" 
- When we ask him questions he responds with either- "no thanks" or "oh sure"- and its very matter of fact!
-He loves his little sis so much and it's so cute to see him interact with her. He will call her "Quinny Joann!!" when she's naughty- just like mommy and daddy do, lol. He may hear it often.

Today he got to put on his costume and jump around on the couch while I snapped shots of him. He directed me very well on which shots and poses he wanted, LOL. 

Kailer Robert, thanks for being such a happy little man, a great example for your sissy, and making our days brighter!!


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