Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Whats been going on

We missed our weekend recap due to this mama playing single mama for the weekend,
and the little man is again sick! 
On the mend but doing daily breathing treatments! Yuck!
He has never been this good a taking treatments.
Things change as the grow!
He even yelled "yay my breathing treatment !" 

So with him being under the weather we hung at home and goofed around. Just the three of us!!

and little miss actually wore a hat for more than 2 seconds!
Random I know!!

and my attempt at eating healthier we all enjoyed some greens in our smoothie!!
- 2 cups frozen mixed fruit
- 1 cup fresh spinach
- 1 tbs chia seeds
- and enough almond milk to loosen up mixture (we used a lot!)

Even little miss loved it. 

Our attempt to get out of the house on Sunday was last minute. Kids woke from nap and we jumped in the car to meet my sister and her family at the Ostrich Festival!
It comes once a year for 3 days and Ive never been!
Probably not the best idea with Kai having his cough and slight fever, but we all needed a little fun!!

Fun with cousins, rides, people watching, yummy food, and a little flirting!

It was a decent weekend without the hubby, but we prefer weekends together!!
Heres to a better healthier weekend together!! 



  1. That looks so fun! So sorry you guys haven't been feeling good :(

  2. Smoothie looked yummy! Seriously so sad he was sick:(

  3. Newest follower, found you through Taylor!!! Excited to follow along! Xx