Monday, March 3, 2014

weekend recap

This weekend was a good one!
Finally feeling a bit better we got out Friday!
We met some friends at the mall playground and lucky us (or lucky Kai),
he got chosen to open the Disney Store that day.

They have all the lights out in the store and chose a kid to help turn them on with magic. Kai got to wear Mickeys hat and cloak! Way cool! He helped throw pixie dust into the store and the lights came on- he was jazzed!

Little miss had a blast running around, climbing, and going down slides.
She was a beast and wore herself out- but looked cute doing it too!

Saturday was a cloudy and rainy day. We spent most of it inside doing chores (bathrooms and laundry)
Way fun right!?
After the kids napped we packed up and headed to Costco. We had to do some much needed food shopping! We made it back home just in time! We beat the rain and spent the rest of the night cuddled watching shows! Sadly no pictures were taken. Days like this day- less than exciting but are some of the best. We were all together even though the activities were mundane.

Sunday we woke up and made pancakes! Yum! Both kids approved of this breakfast and we did another day of cuddling and playing. 

 Me and the missy hanging on the couch while brother napped. This is photo #1 of #marchmommyandme. Trying to get more photos of me with my littles!! You can join along!

Yep some silliness happening- Littlest's first ponytail!! Haha what little bit there is of it.
Its getting there! Just not as fast as this mama would like!!

The rest of the day was spent preparing Sunday dinner and hanging with family. We had my sister and family over for dinner. We made sausage and peppers. Probably one of the easiest meals and one of our favorites. 

(we used artichoke and mozzarella from costco)
green bell peppers

Chop all ingredients

Cook up the sausage in skillet with olive oil

Add veggies and cook until tender

And your done!!
 We served ours over rice!

What are your go to/easy meals?

Hope everyone had an amazing weekend!


  1. I love those striped pants! I just got those the other day. Your little man in that mickey outfit is so cute!!

  2. That dish looks amazing! Aren't weekends the best!?!