Saturday, March 1, 2014

everyday makeup

                everyday makeup

For a mama of 2 littles life can get kind of crazy!!

So in my attempt to stay beautified and put together, Ive tried to keep my beauty routine simple.
Above is my "Everyday Makeup"

One- BB and CC creams- Im obsessed, multiple steps in one and benefits! Im down!
Two- Gotta hide those dark circles and brighten the eyes.
Three- Bronzer does wonders for the whole look
Four & Five- My MUST haves- mascara and blush. These two make me look awake and alive- don't leave home without!
Six- Eyeliner is new for me- I know! But I tend to feel closed in when I apply- so i just line the outer corners.

The whole process takes me maybe 5 minutes
(maybe longer with the little miss wanting to be held)

What are some of your must haves? Share then with me in the comments, Im always looking for new products!

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