Friday, April 11, 2014

DIY Mini Mani

I'm a polish girl!! Love love love getting my nails done and how I love gel nails just as much as well any girl, I can't budget it all the time! Due to my job as a Hygienist and a mama my hands are always being washed, this means wet nails and more chipping!! I've been painting my own nails for sometime now and I've only recently come across this gem- Orly Bonder

This guy works wonders for lasting color! Now I don't get as long of a wear as I'd like, it does work better than any lightless "gel" like polishes I've used and it's cheaper!! Go get you some!! 

Basically my mini mani is just what it is- quick. 
1-I paint on Orly Bonder, let dry for about 2 min.
2-Paint 2 thin coats of color of choice- I used my new Essie Bikini So Tiny.
3-Then top coat- I like Essie No Chips Ahead.

Lastly I use a cuticle oil as often as I remember. It helps fight dryness from had washing and polish remover. This is my favorite-

Final product!! I think I'll keep it! 
Seeing as I have work and dishes ahead of me this will only last maybe 4 days but that just means I get to play with another color!! 
What color is everyone loving for Spring/ Summer? 
Do you have any painting tips? Or products that help last? 


  1. Love that color! Very Easter-y! :)

  2. Your nails look so good!! I love Essie colors so much!

  3. that color is perfect for easter!!