Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Easter Baskets

Basket making!!
Probably the best part of Easter!
Its so fun to pick out baskets and little bits to add to them.
This year...

Kai's basket-
Straw cup
Sidewalk chalk
 Eggs filled with jelly beans and goldfish

Quinn's basket-
Swim coverup
Straw cup
Egg sidewalk chalk
Eggs filled with jelly beans and goldfish

After searching everywhere for cute cheap baskets- World Market came to the rescue! 

Can't wait for the dying and hunting to begin!!

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  1. This little moccs are just adorable. I seriously might have to fork over for a pair (or 7) for baby girl coming this summer!

  2. So adorable! Love both of their baskets! New follower!

  3. they are so cute! ive been slowly easter shopping for the past three weeks.. thats bad i know haha!

  4. Boy they scored on Easter this year!;)