Monday, May 19, 2014

Big Girl Bed

This weekend we bought a big girl bed, well mattress for the little miss. We are transitioning her to sleep in her own room now. We've co sleep up until now for bed and naps and it's been the best! Yet we think it's time she has her own space where we don't bug her and she can call her own. Both my babes and my husband and I have loved co- sleeping. It's just been easier for us and we liked sleeping as a family. 
We transitioned Kai into a big boy bed and his own room a few months before Quinn was born. He did amazing!! Mostly because we bought a full size bed. He hated being in a crib and we figured the transition went well because the bed was big enough like "mommy and daddy's" and we were able to lay down with him. Kailer helped Quinn prep her bed for bedtime and she was super excited to see it was all for her!!! 

They pulled out EVERY blanket in her room and snuggled up with some books. 
I layed down next to her like usual, she attempted to get off the bed twice but then passed out. 
Guess what guys... She slept in there all night!! Today was a work day for me so of course I had to wake her, but she did awesome! I on the other hand could use some sleep!!! I was up and down staring at the monitor the whole time! I missed my baby girl! I'm sure each night will get easier and easier... And if I need to I just might sneak in there for some cuddles!! 



  1. So sweet! We moved Sadie to a toddler bed several weeks ago when she was around 20 months old. I just posted about our transition on the blog today, too!

  2. Go Quinn!!! I hope our transition goes this smoothly when it's time. We co-slept ONE day on vacation out of complete necessity, and I have no idea how people do it. It. was. rough.

  3. Awesome!!! I'm worried about the day we transiting our daughter into a big girl bed, although she's been sleeping in her own room since she was 3 weeks old. It still makes me nervous. So glad yor transition went well!!

    New follower. Alycia @ crazily normal.

  4. Actually just a mattress is genius! They are so cute.