Tuesday, May 20, 2014

15 Things About Me

My friend Ashley over on ThatTeenyTinyBlog shared 15 things about herself here. I'm joining in with mine....

1- I was born in England hence the name Brittany Diana. 

2- I wiggle a foot to fall asleep or when I'm tired. If I'm right, I believe my mom and some siblings do it as well. 

3- I'm a neat freak. Hardest part about being a mom for me. Messy dinners, kids feeding themselves! I'm learning! 

4- Coffee is my obsession. Iced coffee. I don't discriminate but if I had to choose- Starbucks!!

5- I grew up in Maui, Hawaii- part of my family still lives there. Yes it was an awesome place to live, yes I eat spam!! I miss it- the food, weather, family. Yet, no I would not move back!

6- I'm a perfume newbie- got my first bottle almost 2yrs ago- and I'm obsessed! 

7- A firm believer in "It takes a village to raise a child". Your whole world changes with littles, boy did I think I missed my parents before!

8- Product junkie! I'm obsessed with skin care, makeup, nail polish!! Wish I had a bigger bank account to support this obsession! 

9- Secretly wish I could have another baby! Or two! Don't tell my hubby! 

10- My husband is the "cook" in this family. That doesn't mean I don't cook, I do most of the dinners. It just means he's is better at it than me!! He creative and can whip something delicious up where I gotta keep in simple. 

11- I had a nick name of "Bert" growing up. I babysat for a kid who for some reason couldn't say Brit so thats what it was. Some of my bestest pals growing up still call me it!!

12- Wanna have your kids grow up with a phobia? Name all their siblings names starting with the same letter but them!! Yep! Jerry, Jimmy, Jenna, and Brittany! 

13- I was raised in a Police/Military family. Also married into one. Some people have some strong views towards both those groups and I have nothing but support and admiration for those who choose that life! Duh!!

14- Im a people pleaser to a fault! I worry more about what others think than myself! 

15- Dessert? Not a big fan! Im good with some shave ice. Recently introduced to Nutella stuffed crepes! Thats where its at!!

So how many times do you think one can use the word obsessed/obsession in one post?
And now that you know Im a freak, hope to learn a little more about you! Share your quirks, likes, dislikes, whatever you want about YOU on your blog! 
Can't wait to read!



  1. Ha! Number 12 cracks me up as I have a friend who did that and I always wondered why she did that. And I'm SO with you on 14. I've always considered it a fault of mine. :(

  2. so glad you did this! so cool that you were born in england!

  3. Bert Lololol & you were born in England ! So cool!