Monday, June 2, 2014

Loving Lately

A few things we are loving at the Papke House

1. Progress

We have cabinets!! 
I'm dying for our home to be finished and moved in!!! Mostly to get some hardware put on those cabinets!! 

2. Chop chop

A new cut for me. Feeling so refreshed and loving it.

3. Lemonade

We are making our way through our Summer Bucket list!
I'll be sharing the recipe we used soon.

4. Littles playing nice together.

I enjoyed my Sunday morning watching these two play Hungry Hungry Hippo while I had some coffee. It was nice indeed! 

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend and a few lovely things!!


  1. LOVING the dark wood and your haircut is adorbs.

  2. Love them all! I'm so excited to see your house! It looks so pretty so far! And I love the hair cut!