Thursday, May 29, 2014

Dude Has Style

I used to think having a boy wasn't going to be as fun as a girl.
Mostly because of all the cute outfits for girls and accessories. Heck! Little did I know there is so much out there for little dudes!
Yet Kai isn't a fan of hats, he's still got a style all his own. Anything that makes him feel just like daddy or a super hero, he's down!!

The last two pictures I was lucky to get! He was bouncing off the walls with excitement that we found his Shoe-wings. We bought these probably over a year ago from Jane. He is obsessed with them and I think they are the cutest little boy accessory. There are ton of different colors and varieties, check out this site for similar ones. Go get your little dude a pair and watch him Fly!!



  1. Shoe wings? Awesomeness and SUCH a good gift idea for little boys!

  2. Hahahaha love those shoe wings!

  3. Dressing boys are the best!!!