Friday, June 6, 2014

Loving Lately

Hope everyone has a fun weekend planned! 
We are in for a busy week ahead, so we are planning on relaxing with daddy before it begins!
Here are some things we are loving at the Papke house...

1- Bags! I've been known to have a few too many for who knows what. I may never use them but they sure do look cute. This one on the other hand is getting lots of love this summer. The OhJoy for Target line is just the cutest!! 

2- Keeping on the fruit theme, have you guys tried out the pajama sets at Forever 21? I'm obsessed, just a tad! I've even been wearing the tops out and about. How could you not when they are the perfect tee. This watermelon one is my favorite!

3- Freshly made beds, at 4:30 pm!! Hey at least it got done right!!? There's just something so good about climbing in to a made bed. Side note can't wait to get a good duvet cover for this buddy and still searching for the perfect upholstered headboard! Anyone have suggestions? 

4- A cavity free 3 year old!! I took both littles in to my work on my day off and Kai was brave and actually let me clean his teeth this time!! It might have been all the ladies he was showing off for! Q on the other hand cried and screamed! To be expected!! Either way another cavity free visit for both babes!! 

Enjoy the weekend and get some much needed rest (Im sure we all need it).


  1. Yay to no cavities! That's awesome! Love your bag and tee! Super cute :)

  2. That tee & pillow!