Friday, June 13, 2014

Single Mom

So I have to hand it to all the single moms and ladies that do this on a regular basis!!! I'm not cut out for it and so glad It's short lived for me! This crap is HARD!!
The hubby was only gone for 5 days this time (thank heavens), was not the first time and surely won't be the last!! This is the part of Military life that I hate! Yes the positive- it was only 5 days rather than the 18 it could have been, it was only training and not anything dangerous, he got to come home to us, we all survived and made it through. 
Call me a baby or weak but even 24hrs without the hubby is no fun. Him being gone makes me realize how much he actually does do. You know the whole, you don't realize what you have until it's gone thing?! I appreciate getting a whole new perceptive on my marriage and my husband as a dad, I just don't like the work it takes to get there. Some things I need to remember that I miss when he's gone:
- helping with morning routine with the littles.
- another voice for discipline.
- tag teaming
- a feeling of safety (I can't sleep when he's gone)
- helping with drop off/pick up on my work days.
- dinner duty
- bath time
- remembers laundry needs to be done
- someone to talk to 
- gives me some "me" time ( even if just a shower or time to read some blogs)
- his cuddles aren't too shabby either

Organization and planning ahead (like most mamas know how to do) was huge! Getting through the days was exhausting. I felt like 1/2 a parent. The time I did have with the babes I wasn't giving them all of me. A tired, distracted, lonely, stressed mama is what they got. Kai was so cute saying he was "The Man of the House" and slept in my bed with me. Although prior to daddy leaving Quinn had a "I hate all things daddy" attitude, I could tell she was missing him and acting out because of it. 
The hardest days were the work days, I was so tired by the time I picked them up and got home (sleep is overrated) we just did easy dinner, bath, and bed. I resorted to taking them to daycare on an off day to play catch up and they had water day! I did feel horrible but it gave me the recharge I needed. Sometimes a mama just needs a day! 
So for those of you that are seasoned at this, those who enjoy it, or those who hate it just as much as me, what do you do to help, to get by? What works for you or how do you prepare? I keep telling myself it gets easier but so far it hasn't! 

We sure like this guy and want to keep him!! Happy Fathers Day weekend!!!



  1. I completely feel all those things too when hubster is away!!! Makes you really appreciate when he is there!!

    Alycia//Crazily Normal

  2. Men are a pain but we sure as heck need them:)