Friday, August 1, 2014

Blank Canvas

Happy August! 
It's been 2 weeks since move in and excited to share our unfinished home. 
Here are a few pictures of around the house. Very much a blank canvas. Nothing is quite in it's place and boxes are still all around. We are slowly adapting to this being "our" house and looking forward to making it a home! 
Lots of decorating is in our future, that is if I can come to terms with putting holes in the walls... Eekkk! 

Courtyard out the front door

View from front door

Looking at front door (this will be an office/ sitting area)

Living room with rug still unopened

Kitchen and dining

Master bath

Kids bath

Playroom/ Den 

Drop station right inside garage door

And our very unfinished backyard

Can't wait to tackle all the projects we have in mind. I'll post updated pictures for you all as things get more put together. 
Until then Happy first day of August! 



  1. Gorgeous home!! Congratulations and I can't wait to see how you put everything together!

  2. You're home posts always get me so excited to build ours. Which is awesome, except it's still a few years down the road. I love what you've shown so far and I'm so excited for you guys!