Monday, July 28, 2014

Our Mama

July was a busy month for us!!
Kai turned 4, we moved, and celebrated our 10 year anniversary! But the most exciting was my mom visiting for pretty much the whole month. 
For those that don't know, I grew up on Maui. My mom, dad, and oldest brother all still live there with their families. As you can probably guess we don't get many visits with the distance. Last we saw my mom she was here welcoming Quinn in her first weeks of birth. 
We were all so very excited to have our "Mama" here. 

We celebrated birthdays and our anniversary, but mostly just hung. My mom got to watch the kids overnight (very first time anyone has for Quinn) with the help of Titi and Gungo of course (nicknames given to aunty and uncle). 

My mom once again was here during us moving. It was nice to have the extra help and input in on what to do and what not to do. 
And... for some reason having your own parents around matters so much more once you have your own kids. Something about the love they share that is so fun to watch.

This trip was Quinn's first time really being aware of who her "Mama" was. As you can guess she was very confused. Seeing as she calls me Mama. We FaceTime with my mom and talk on the phone a lot but she still didn't grasp who she was for a while. She took some warming up but once she did she sure LOVED her. Even though she called her "papa" and argued back and forth that she was not Mama Pam but Papa. 
We all sure enjoyed the time spent with family- cooking, shopping, relaxing, sharing stories. 

Mom with her AZ kids.

Mama Pam with her AZ grand kids.

Together forever
Never apart
Maybe in distance
But never in heart.
Until next time!!


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