Friday, September 26, 2014

Our Week

It's Friday!!! Whoop whoop it's Friday!!!
We had a pretty rough start to our week! Got some not so good news delivered to us , but we are trying to keep our heads up and good thoughts rolling! 
When life doesn't go according to plan let's face it! It sucks! It's easy to slump into negative thoughts and feel "poor me" about a lot of things. However, life keeps on with out us. For me being a mom and having the littles means so much more than the bumps in the road. 

Despite our downer news we've been truckin along and enjoying time with our babes! 
Tuesday Kai had his first soccer practice. We love his coach and he had THE best time. No crying or asking to go home and he even asked when he gets to play again. First game is Saturday buddy!

We did another weekly (oops daily) trip to Target! When mommy gets coffee the littles get "pop cakes". 

I had to document my new go to mommy outfit and just how awesome my fishtail braid came out! 

We've been enjoying a lot of cuddle time and the kids have been playing so well together. I just love their sibling love! 

We are jumping for joy that it is Friday !! 
I'll just be here on the couch watching the Greys premiere. 
Happy weekend all!!