Sunday, September 28, 2014

Weekend Review

Friday afternoon we jump started our weekend with a park play date with our little pal Sophia. Our last play date before they head back to Australia. Both babes ran themselves ragged and passed out on the way home! Score!

Saturday we were up super early and a little someone needed a cat nap by 7am! If only I could nap when I wanted! 

Yes she requests to sleep with her shoes.

Little man had his first Soccer game that morning and we had to take some pics for daddy! Go Wolverines!! And of course a treat after was deserved! 

Sunday was a lazy cuddle day waiting out the day for daddy to return and a Target trip thrown in there. 

We ended the weekend with dinner at "the cookie place" or Paradise Bakery to others. This little miss had to be in style carrying her purse with all the essentials: keys, phone, and napkins.

Hope everyone had a productive/ relaxing/ happy weekend, whatever you wished it to be I hope you got! 



  1. What a great weekend! You all know how to play hard :) The cat nap on the couch photo is PRECIOUS!