Tuesday, October 7, 2014


We are coming out of a long weekend and start to a week of sickies. 
Both littles have been sick with fevers and throw ups, so sad to see them sick and helpless. It's been days of tears, whining, lots of hand washing, but also lots of cuddles. 

I don't know about you guys but when I stay inside ALL day I start to feel sick. Like my mind is playing tricks on me. Especially when I've been caring for some major sickies. 
So tonight after the hubby got home from work I escaped to my room for some me time! I needed a good shower and some pampering for a pick me up! 

I figured I'd share some of what I use as my "extras". Basically when I have time other than a rinse off. 

In the shower I'll use an extra moisture treatment and I'll take the time to exfoliate.

I'll then remove what's left of my makeup with a cleansing wipe (these cucumber ones are my favorite), wash up with my almost finished cleanser along with my clarsonic.

I've been trying to whiten lately (not going so well) I am super sensitive and I really never remember (Hyginiest fail).

I then moisturizer everything else: face- Josie Maren argon oil and eye cream. Nails- Essie apricot oil. Body- lotion and coconut oil.

My favorite step- exfoliating my lips with this yummy scrub (yes you eat it too), and lip balm!

Let me know what you like to use to pamper on those "extra" nights and any recommendations for cleansers or under eye treatments!! 

Here's to healthy kids and a refreshed mama! 


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  1. ooh! i love all of these products, thanks so much for sharing!