Wednesday, August 12, 2015


School is now in full swing over here, we are on week 3. I still cannot believe I have a Kindergartener and we are all still getting used to the schedule. 
We have a lot of juggling we have to do between everyones schedules and that I work outside of the house part time. I wanted to share one thing that has not only made back to school easy, but fun for us!

These little labels have been a lifesaver. Mabel's Labels sent us the little kid combo pack to test out and help kick start our year. Although little man did not have much that needed labeling, what did you can believe we stuck these cute little guys to.

Backpack labeled, tag stuck on lunch box, water bottle and our new bento boxes too. Im majorly impressed with the durability and how well they stick. We have run the water bottles and bento boxes through the dish washer multiple times and no sign of peeling yet. 

Take a look at their site there are so many cute customizable options.
We are sold!!


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