Tuesday, July 14, 2015

A Five Year Old

Hello again!! 
I've kind of dropped the ball on the whole blogging gig for a while and feel super bad about it! I'm back trying to make more of an effort to document my littles and their fun! Starting back with Kailer's Birthday! He's Five now! Yep I cried a little! I cannot believe how fast they both are growing!!! 

Seeing as I had to work on his actual birthday (never doing again!) we devoted the following Saturday to just him!! Originally we had a whole Star Wars themed party planned with some "water wars" and a bunch of friends and family! We are learning that summer birthdays are not the easiest to plan and coordinate with friends! Without throwing the whole plan out the window we planned a fun family day (seeing the Minions movie) and dinner at home with a few friends and family that could still make it. 

We still decorated for the theme and had his BIG surprise on schedule! Thank goodness for great friends with some pretty awesome costumes! This five year olds year was made!!

Pretty safe to say that plan B was much better than the original!
Happiest Birthday to my little man!! 


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