Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Potty Training Struggle

We have been doing so well! So whats the problem?

My little miss has been doing the whole peeing in the potty thing for sometime now. Always goes when we put her on and will run to the potty if not in a pull-up and has to go poop. Yep I said it, no shame in the poop game! 
We've been doing pull ups only at nap time and bedtime, sometimes she even wakes up dry. She is just so unpredictable. Ill have her go pee right before leaving somewhere and she will have to go not even 30 minutes later, without warning she will just GO. What the what right? 
Having more than one kid you know that life doesn't always stop and make things easy on you. So one thing Ive found to help us through this bootcamp time is a potty in the car. 

We have been loving this Nuby potty seat. The non-skid seat makes back seat storage easy, and the removable basin helps ease of clean up. 
Some days allow for us to be home majority of the time, but others we are out and about all day. With my little guy we could pull over and he'd pee on some rocks. I know, it's what little boys do right? But with this little lady that's not possible, enter the car potty. 
Ive also packed wipes, plastic bags, and extra clothes for the just in case times. 

Im hoping we are about to enter into the more predictable stage her soon and we can be breathe again. If anyone has any tips on what worked for them please do share.

If you would like to try out the potty seat you can find it here:

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  1. Thanks for shwring

  2. Children learn best simply from our modeling. You can then begin asking if they’d like to sit on it naked or to pee or poop in it. If the answer is no, I think just respect their answer and be patient is the best thing to do..