Friday, February 12, 2016

Love Month Crafts

Any holiday is a great excuse for crafting and fun activities. 
I swear having kids has made holidays and simple activities 100 times better.
I love seeing things through their eyes and experiencing all the fun with them. 
The littlest is finally at an age where she is understanding what we are doing and having as much fun as the rest of us with it. 

Teacher gifts were tiny succulents that we potted in mason jars that they painted themselves.

Little man handed out some sweet heart glasses to his pals at school. 
Assembling valentines can be rough on a parent, but this guy signed everyone and helped tape them all. 

Little miss chose bracelets of course, she matched all the colors and taped them all herself. 
So fun! 

Lastly just a little fun last minute craft for the grandparents far far away. 
Since we don't get to see them as often we decided Valentines Day was a good time to send some hugs their way. 

We'll be celebrating this weekend with a family date and hopefully early bedtime!


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