Monday, February 8, 2016

Loving Lately

Another share of what Ive been loving lately.
So much going on day in and day out, busy lives with work and kids, Im trying to be more present and in the now. Appreciating the little things and sharing what makes us smile in the Papke house.

1- Books- Im trying to get back into reading. 
Not an easy task with a busy and noisy house, but I find Im a happier me when Im motivated and uplifted. Big Magic recommended by some friends has been just that- motivating.

2- Cantaloupe- Obsessed!! 
Bought a few some weeks back at Costco and I haven't been able to quit it.
So so good with cottage cheese! Do it now!

3- This weather- So nice outside!
Kids have been loving their scooters and ask to go out to check for their neighbor friends all the time. Its easy to say yes when the weather is like this.

4- Tazo Passion Tea- Got addicted from Starbucks and so refreshing. Im a huge tea drinker and this is a nice refreshing caffeine free alternative. Thanks to the hubs for brewing and keeping it stocked.

Anything you couldn't pass up or live without this week?


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