Sunday, April 3, 2016


Well he just grew up before our eyes!!
Another milestone reached and this one came so fast.
We discovered his first wiggly tooth a few weeks ago while he was with me at work. Being a dental hygienist I thought hmm lets wiggle then to see if they were loose and sure enough one was pretty good and wiggly. He freaked for a second, almost as though he was hurt. We explained it was a good thing and his big boy teeth were getting ready to come in. I told him go ahead and wiggle it to get it ready to come all the way out. Day after day he'd show me how much it wiggled. This last weekend it was sticking straight out. I was over it being so wiggly I tried to help him out. We did a good twist and pull- you could hear the crack (yikes) but I didn't get it good enough. It was now hanging by a thread. Since hubby was gearing up for out of town work we wanted to get it out before he had to leave so he could be a part in the excitement. 
Sure enough the next morning little man said he lost his tooth. Thankfully Daddy got to see it just before heading out the door. 

That night me being the only responsible adult I sure was glad the Tooth Fairy remembered to stop by. She left a receipt and note because we some how "literally" lost the tooth in all the excitement. We placed it in a tooth treasure box from work and he went to show little sis and there it went. Kids I tell ya. 
He already has the one next to it working its way out and Im sure well be due for another Tooth Fairy visit in the next week or so.

How old were your kids when they lost their first tooth?
What was the Tooth Fairy compensation? 


  1. How exciting!! My son is 5 1/2 too and has a loose one we discovered at the dentist a few weeks ago, so I'm sure our time is coming! I'm thinking $5 will do for compensation :)

    1. $5 is exactly what we did!! Im thinking $1 there after lol