Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Doing It Alone

For just about two weeks the kids and I have been going solo, daddy has been gone for training. Basically above is how I feel and have felt the entire time. You take for granted all the help your spouse contributes until you don't have the help. Sure makes me miss the heck out of that guy!
He returns home tonight and I know I cant wait for the kids to jump into his arms and for me to get some alone time. 

We tried our best to keep busy while he was gone because we all just tend to do better that way, and time goes by a lot quicker for us too. We enjoyed a lot of time outside since this AZ weather has been pretty darn amazing lately. Got a lot of wiggles out too which helped facilitate nap times and earlier/easier bedtimes. Not to mention a bunch of Facetime calls with our favorite guy.  
We hate when he has to leave and know the next time will come all too quick but appreciate what the time apart teaches us. 

How do you all deal with your spouse being gone?
What helps you and the kids get through it easier?


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