Monday, May 23, 2016

Kindergarten Grad

Class of 2028

Holy crap I officially have a 1st grader!!!
This year flew by sooooo fast and I am now more than ever wishing for time to slow down, maybe even pause just a bit. Life has gotten crazier and harder with this new school age adventure, yet it's the best! Seeing this guy learn and grow so much this last year has me so excited for him and the years ahead. His little sis looks up to him so much and is dying to be in kinder like he was, I'm sure next year it will be all about the first grade ride! 

Kai in Kinder-

- When I grow up I want to be: an Astronaut 

- Favorite color: Red

- Favorite food: Spaghetti 

- Best friend: Grady

- Favorite subject: Science

- Favorite book: anything Star Wars 

So excited to have him home more and no real schedules to keep. With this new season of life we are hoping to start some new traditions with our summer breaks. on the list so far- 

-End of school summer kick off- this we did the last day of school with our neighborhood friends.
- Summer movie program
- Visit Library more and participate in the summer reading program. 
- Annual staycation 

Hoping to come up with more ideas soon.

What are some summer traditions your family has?


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