Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Time with "Mamas Boy"

ToLittleArrows Hat

"There is a boy who stole my heart, he calls me mom" or mama. 
Being a mama to more than one kid pushes you to be great at multi-tasking, a juggler. It makes those precious one on one times fewer BUT all the more special. This little mans love tank gets filled so much when he gets time focused just on him. Our undivided attention. 
Im trying to be better about setting that time for just him aside more often. Little sis has gotten a lot of it with big brother in school now. So when he gets a short day at school, we play! 
Time as a whole family is beautiful and so fun, but something about getting one kid alone. Chatting and seeing their little personality shine.  Its too good not to put dating your kid as a priority. 
Heres to more mama/son dates. 

What are some of your favorite mother/son date ideas?


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