Friday, February 28, 2014

Mama Mail

I have met the most awesome people through social media!
Other mamas with the same interests as me and with such kind hearts! Oddly enough I feel like I actually now them, even though we have never met! I would consider them some of my best friendships. We are walking this crazy stage of life together and may it be advice or words of encouragement, I need it!

One mama I met through a swap mail that we each signed up for- Mom mail exchange!
Hey Kerri!!
We were matched up together for each of our first months signed up. You would get paired with another mama and exchange info to get to know each other. After a few months of matching up and exchanging gifts the mom mail got canceled. Luckily for me, Kerri contacted me wanting to continue swapping each month, with ME. Although I did enjoy meeting new moms each month, Kerri and I were the best match we had. Of all the moms I got paired with, we had the most in common. 
So now we swap "Mama Mail" with each other each month. We carried over some of the same guidelines from the mom mail exchange- $30 limit including shipping and monthly themes. 
Although we recently raised the limit to $40 because this mama cant stay under budget when there are so many cute things to share. 

January was "Favorite Things of 2013"

February- "Valentines Day"

and now working on...

March- "Spring"

some of what I found

Im always finding the cutest things for her and wanting to buy doubles for myself! The best part is the surprise of whats in MY package! 

Heres to many more mama mail swaps!


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