Monday, February 17, 2014

Our Story

Lets just throw it out there and get it over with- Yes me and my sister married brothers!!
Its the best actually!

It all started my senior year in high school.  My sister had already moved here to AZ and married her husband. Any time me and her would talk on the phone and Nick (my hubby) was around they would push for us to chat. Of course he thought he was the coolest kid around and pulled the "how you doin" every chance he got. 
I flew out to AZ during my winter break to visit my sis and to my surprise I was going to be meeting this guy for the first time! We drove out to San Diego for his Marine Corps boot camp graduation. 
Of course I thought he was attractive! How could I not in that uniform lol. 
He was different than any guy or "boy" I knew- outgoing, bold, talkative, a gentleman. 

I returned home from my visit and we continued to talk on the phone. Nothing serious at all just friends joking around and checking in.
I decided to move to AZ on a whim shortly after graduation. My sister and I are very close and her being in another state was tough. AZ was my opportunity for a better life.

Sadly Nick had just left for his first deployment to Iraq shortly before I arrived. 
A turn of unfortunate events allowed for his return home just after landing. Nicks mother Jo was diagnosed with cancer in 2000 and passed away in Feb 15th 2003.    
During his emergency leave home we were able to allow our friendship to grow.
 He then returned to Iraq and we wrote and chatted as much as we could. 
Lets just say I fell for this guy!
The many months away we wrote letters to each other almost every day (all of which we have saved)

He returned home safe and sound September 2003.
Although he was stationed in San Diego we were able to see each other almost every weekend. 

The excitement I had leading up to each weekend was overwhelming.
I loved sharing the weekends together and was way too sad when each Sunday rolled around and it was time for him to drive back.
A lot of miles were put on that car!

This guy made the best decision of his life when he asked me to marry him! Haha ok ok. I made the best decision of my life when I said Yes!
We got engaged April of 2004.
Nick was scheduled to return to Iraq September 2004.
Our plan was to wait until his tour was over and get married. But apparently we couldn't wait.
We said I Do July 23, 2004.

It wasn't the wedding little girls dream of, nor was it anything I had actually planned. But it was our day! The BEST day!

Of course he was shipped off shortly after we were married, but, we were married!
Everyone would ask "How do you like the married life?" Id just laugh and say "Ill let ya know when he gets back."
Nothing really had changed for us. We were used to the long distance and time away. So when he returned it was an adjustment for sure. Most couples have to adjust to time away- a deployment or a spouse working nights. Not us! Haha
Id say we got used to it and I got spoiled for sure. Having my love home and with me everyday was amazing.

He got back and life continued! 
This lady got the chance to go to Dental Hygiene school, thanks to my supportive husband (in more ways than one). 
Nick serves full time in the AZ Army National Guard and gets to be home with us ALMOST every night. Ill take what I can get!

Our love and family grew!!

This little guy came along July 2010
He changed us in so many ways but all for the better!
Seeing your husband of so many years finally become a father, its indescribable. I didn't think I could love him or another more!

Adding another to the family to make us FOUR!
The little man became a big brother and of course my heart grew.
I didn't think I could love another child as much as I already loved this guy.
Then little miss came and changed all that!

She completed us!

Growing from three to four was definitely an adjustment.
Of course the hubby helped me more than I could have dreamed. 
So grateful for the man I have beside me and for the example my littles have.   
He's patient when I am not
and mostly willing

He's our glue!

We are approaching our 10 year wedding anniversary this July!
Who would have thought ten years later this would be us!
Im so excited for whats to come!

The Papkes


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  2. I love yas story! Sooo sweet look at ya now 10 years later :)