Monday, March 24, 2014


Be Crafty finally came!!
I have been waiting for this day for months!!
Literally- me and a few friends signed up back in January for the craft workshop!
I found out about Be Crafty Workshop one day surfing around Instagram.
I came across a post from Amanda Rydell from BeCrafty - and I jumped at the opportunity. 

The event was hosted by- 
Heather Hamilton- Life Made Lovely
Leslie Zellers- Recipe for Crazy 
Cole Franke- The Felt Flower Shop
Katy Fultz- Katygirl Designs
Kate Eschbach- Songs Kate Sang

These ladies went all out!!

First off group photos!!

(Me, Kendra, and Brittney)
Ok how cute is that backdrop!! 

We each got an amazing "swag bag" filled with such cute treats.

anything gold and polkadots has my vote!!

This is a shot of my loot!!
There is too much goodness to mention but some of my favorites-

"My Mom Snaps" book- cutest book about mom photographer/blogger

Barberry & Lace gold glitter heart studs

The Felt Flower brooch- This served as our name tags for the event

It was filled with such adorable prints, thank you cards, washi tape, pom pom flowers, notebook, felt confetti, and more!!!

The crafts we made were-
- Hoop fabric wrapped project- turned into chalk board art
- Ampersand with crepe paper flowers
- Flower cabochon magnets

They gave us this cute card with chalk art tips/tricks
I still have yet to decide what quote I want to put on mine!!

This was some serious business

Here's my Ampersand with my flowers- I have yet to wrap the whole thing in yarn!! 

And here is all three projects

I will try to post photos of once they are finished- if I get around to that soon!!

The whole day was so fun!!
Getting to go with friends and meet a bunch of other sweet crafty women was the best!!
This was totally up my alley and I am so glad I snagged a ticket and went! 
Thanks for coming with girls!!

If anyone local to AZ wants to get together for crafts- IM IN!!

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