Wednesday, May 28, 2014


This year we are starting a new tradition of Summer Bucket Lists. The kids aren't of school age yet and a little young to do some ideas we had so we are keeping it simple to start. 

- Plant an herb garden- I found a cute DIY from WhatsUpMoms here.
- Build a fort
- Family picnic- put our new blanket to use.
- Visit a splash pad- I have a feeling this one will be often.
- Make your own pizza night
- Pool party
- Play with bubbles
- Farmers Market trip
- Make lemonade 
- Bake and decorate cookies
- Roast marshmallows
- Make Popsicles
- Road Trip- maybe to visit some grandparents up north? 
- Watch fireworks

Has anyone else made a Summer Bucket List?? What are somethings you and your family will be doing this year?? 



  1. How cute! I've never made one but I just might after seeing yours!

  2. Too cute! We might have to come up with one next summer. Maybe a Winter Bucket List for us? :)