Friday, June 20, 2014

Loving Lately

Some things that we just can't get enough of over at the Papke house...

1. Splash pads!! Only took like 10 trips for the little miss to finally get a hang of it and enjoy herself!

2. Car naps! Need I say more. 

3. Online shopping! Been getting kinda good at this one! I don't know about anyone else, but, if you shop at Forever 21 I can't ever seem to find anything in store! Online! It's a whole other story! 

(Yep! A mama has to make crazy faces in order to get a decent smile out of this chick!) 

4. Packing! I'm lying we don't really love this one around here but we are loving what the packing process is bringing! That much closer to our new home! Hey first box down!

5. Progress! Won't be too much longer now! 

Hope everyone is having a good ending to their week! Here comes the weekend!! 



  1. Love it all, especially that leopard suit!!

  2. Yay to almost being done! I feel like your house got finished really quick! Or no? Probably doesn't seem that way to you haha