Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Bath Time Fun With Nuby

Bath time is a definite favorite in our house! The kids have fun, they get clean, and for mama it means bedtime is nearing and thats my favorite time of day.
Nuby has been a favorite of ours for sometime now and these recent additions to their collection don't disappoint. 

Starting with the Hot Safe Bath Duck- the letters turn white if the bath water is hot. We haven't ever used a bath thermometer, usually just by touch. Lately daddies touch is a little hotter than our liking so the kids have had fun checking on it.

These Bath Links have been the highlight of bath time. Teaching coordination as they link them together across the tub. The best part for these guys is the squirting animals that come with them. 

I mean who doesn't want to have that kind of fun to end their day.

Both toys can be found at amazon


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