Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Loving Lately

Giving myself a little motivation to be more consistent with posts. 
Hoping to do a weekly Loving Lately post with anything and everything I or should I say "we" loved that week.

1. Starting this post with a Pinterest win!!!
Yea I said it, this was not a fail. 
Many of my Pinterest dreams flop, but not this one!

Fast and easy dinner idea- Bowtie Chicken Caesar Salad (here)
I left out the toppings but the almonds would have been delish in this. 

2.  Valentines Day!!
Out with Christmas and in with all the hearts.
My mantel is decorated with all my decor from previous years, but Im eyeing this and this to add to it.

3.  Park Dates
This weather has been so so nice here lately. Coming out of a week of rain we are loving the mid 60's. Although seems a tad chili with the breeze and no jacket on, its the perfect weather for scooters and slides. 

Heres to the nearing weekend and more things to love.

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